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Business growth should be on the mind of all sizes of businesses and corporations. Those who don’t want to remain stagnant need to understand that company growth is imperative and has to happen. What differentiates those who strive for success and those who achieve success are the tools that they use along the way.

Why in the world would you take the hard path of tackling the business planning process entirely on your own? If your goal is to create a growing business, there is an easier way to make it happen. Instead of spinning circles and never successfully figuring out how to scale your business on your own, it might be time to utilize a few tools to help with your overall business growth.

These tools can not only make your life and job easier, but they’ll actually help you become more organized so that you can put your business efforts towards other areas of your business that might need a bit more attention.

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How to succeed in building a growing business

One of the most difficult parts of establishing a growing business is to understand how to connect all the dots. Even though you might have a ton of great ideas in your head, getting them all out and putting them into motion is a whole other ordeal. 

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different answer on what makes a business successful. Some will say money, some will say independence while others may not even know the answer quite yet. 

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One thing is for certain when you’re looking for various ways to scale your business: Your future growth and success for your business depends on the amount of effort that you’re willing to put in. There will be long days, long nights and some days when you might be questioning anything and everything that you’ve done thus far. 

My simple tip for you? Hang in there and prepare yourself for the ebb and flow of being an entrepreneur. Instead of doing about the growth of your business the hard way, utilize whatever tools that you can to be like an “extra” set of hands. You’ll be amazed at how much more efficient and compliant you can be with the use of these simple business tools found below. 

Top 7 Tools in 2020 for Business Growth 

When it comes to scaling your business, did you know that it’s perfectly normal for there to be different stages of growth? Not all businesses are created equal so that means that not all businesses will grow the same as well. Some businesses will shoot straight to the top immediately, while others will take a lot more time to accomplish any sort of growth. If you’re wondering where your business falls, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper into your numbers and growth patterns to find that answer. If you need to prepare your business for success in the new year, read my top tips for preparation.

One thing is for certain though. You have the ability to have healthy business growth and accomplish that all on your own. These tools can not only assist will that, but they can also help to create a platform that will provide stability and a plan for the 2020 year. 


If you have an online business or blog, Elementor (affiliate) needs to be on your radar. Not only is it a free plugin to use, but you can then upgrade to the Elementor Pro at a later point in time where you can establish and customize your business even more. 

Elementor allows you to set up your website just how you want without the worry of needing any type of extra services or add-ons. The customizable options are truly endless with Elementor and it’s an affordable service as well. 


For your business to grow, you have to have leads. Just as simple as that sounds, there is a bit of work involved. This is where the importance of ConvertBox (affiliate) comes in. This handy tool creates opt-in forms that are designed in a way that flows with your brand and business. 

If you act now, you can lock in lifetime access for this software at a rate of only $295 (the price will go up after November 30, 2019). I can’t express how much this changed my personal business and was one of the best investments that I ever made. 

As far as lead generation goes, there is nothing out there that even compares to this tool. You can collect leads, survey your audience, show videos, segment, create multi-step forms, have both evergreen and countdown timers, and much more.


Every business should have access to Lumen5. Its ability to turn a blog post into a video is epic and so simple to accomplish. While they do have a free tier to try out, you might find yourself wanting to upgrade shortly afterward. Being able to create a slideshow for your audience with background music, revolving images, videos, and so much more is worth its weight in gold. 

While people love to read blog posts, they love to watch videos, too. Engaging their senses by keeping them on your page or website longer is a great way to accelerate business growth. Lumen5 allows you to have a video presence even if you’re not comfortable in front of a camera. It helps you get more eyes on your content because the videos are appealing, short, and they highlight all the key points. 


While we live in a digital world, we also live in a world that is quite visual as well. For this reason, Glorify offers an amazing online platform to help create stunning designs and images. Its versatility is one of the reasons that it’s so popular as it can be used for ebooks, logos, social media graphics and more. 

Using it is a breeze and it does complex design work in a snap. It can easily remove background items, add shadows to texts and images (so many online platforms cannot do this!) and more. You can pair it up with Photoshop as well to create a stunning branding image or logo for your business. 

Another huge positive of this platform is that you can upload all your own fonts, images, files, and more. It’s used regularly as a way to create pins, create logos or edit picture files that other programs cannot successfully do. 

If you do purchase Glorify (affiliate) for your business growth efforts, make certain that you enter the promo code PROMO72 to get a 10% discount on your purchase. 

IvoryMix Photos

It’s no secret that great images convert into better sales. It’s just that plain and simple. This is true for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and all other types of businesses out there. Great pictures will help you stand out from the crowd. 

If you’re looking for a site that takes pride in helping out other businesses, IvoryMix is one that I can’t recommend highly enough. The owner, Kayla, understands the importance and truly excels at what she does. 

The license uses for the photos are also easy to understand so there isn’t a question about whether or not certain photos can be used for certain things. This not only saves a ton of time but it also helps to know that you’re not going to end up in legal trouble, too. 

While IvoryMix does have photos to purchase, it also has the largest library of free photos, too. As of recent, there were over 500 free photos that you can easily obtain just by signing up for the email list. (plus, she adds new ones all the time!) 

Spending your money on IvoryMix photos (affiliate) is a smart decision (and an affordable one) that will have a positive impact on the growth of your business. 

SEO Books to help you scale

If you really want your business growth to bring you profits and traffic, then you have to improve your SEO game. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the method through which organic traffic will come to your site.

SEO is technical and formulaic. You have to know what you’re doing for it to work. Some of my most favorite SEO sources are Debbie Gartner’s ebooks. She has two ebooks on SEO, and they complement each other. You can get her bundle that includes both SEO books (affiliate).

If you want to check out the books individually, then you can learn about the Easy On Page SEO (affiliate) and Easy Backlinks for SEO (affiliate).

Legal Policies for your Website 

If you’re looking for company growth, it’s time to take the next logical step. Ensuring that your business complies with the laws and is compliant should be at the forefront of your mind. The last thing that you’re going to want to have to worry about or deal with are legal issues that you could have easily avoided. 

You may not realize that you’re breaking laws and regulations but that doesn’t give you a free pass to do so. Part of the responsibilities of running your own business is doing what you can to educate yourself as well. 

Since my job is to do what I can to protect online businesses and bloggers, I understand the importance of remaining compliant. For this reason, I’ve created a shop on my own site where there are numerous legal policies and agreements available for purchase.

All of the policies that I’ve created are 100% compliant and are also 100% customizable to fit you and your business needs. Being able to purchase legal policies and contracts that you know have been created by an actual attorney provides great peace of mind.  

Now that I’ve filled your mind with all of these must-have business tools, it’s going to be up to you to put them in motion and make an actionable plan to grow your business. One of the easiest parts of business growth can be using tools to help but this also means that one of the hardest parts of growing your business can be letting go of enough control to allow them to assist. 

Do you have any tips for business growth to share? 

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