copyright law is an important aspect of legal protection for bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

So many bloggers and online entrepreneurs are confused as to what is copyright law. To be fair, the concept is pretty complicated, and it takes several years of law school and real life experience to be able to understand all the nuances.

Even among the courts there are present several different interpretations as to the statutory language.

Most bloggers and online creators are concerned with things such as not using a photo that is copyrighted, or not using a soundtrack in a video, not infringe on someone else’s Copyright.

However, Copyright law if about much more than that. It provides you, as the content creator protection from infringement. If someone ever, without your permission, makes use of your content, reproduces it, and/or creates an impression that he or she created that product, then your Copyright has been infringed at that point.

It’s important to know what products are protected by Copyright, and which ones aren’t.

Moreover, what happens if you have a Copyrighted product, but someone infringes? All of these issues and concerns are areas of Copyright Law that every blogger and online entrepreneur should know about.





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PLUS important Copyright Law update

At the very least, you should know if your work can be protected by a Copyright. How you should register it, if you intend to at all. The implications and consequences of non-registration, etc.


When we discuss what is copyright, then automatically we should discuss what you can do if someone infringes on your copyright.

There are several steps that you, the copyright holder, can take in order to resolve the situation.

Furthermore, any online creative should be familiar with the process of resolving the situation, what to do if the infringing party is not cooperating.

Watch the video above for more details and discussion on the matter.


updates to copyright law

On March 4, 2019 the U.S. Supreme Court decided two cases where they updated the copyright law. It’s been a long time since there was a copyright case at the Supreme Court.

The main and most important decision concerned the definition of the word “registered.” Different circuit courts were split on the definition. Some courts interpreted “registered” as you, the copyright owner, filing an application with the U.S. Copyright Office.

While other circuit courts interpreted the same word to mean the actual decision of the U.S. Copyright Office to process and register it.

The Supreme Court ruled that by “register” they mean that the Copyright Office actually registered it, and not just that you, as Copyright holder, filed an application.

This simple explanation of one word “register” can have dire consequences for everyone, including online entrepreneurs, if you don’t pay attention and learn what it means and what you can do about.

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Detailed FREE guide on Copyright Law 

PLUS important Copyright Law update

According to this new update to Copyright law, you now must file your registration application, have it be approved and registered before you can file for injunction in court and lawsuit.

This means that if you don’t do everything in the beginning, or in a timely manner, then you stand to lose a lot of profit because of this.

The reason you’ll lose profit is because you can’t file for injunction to make the person stealing your products to stop using them. This means that until you get an injunction from the court, this infringing party can continue to benefit from your products.

It can take several months until the U.S. Copyright Office officially registers your Copyright. You can pay more and do an expedited processing.

However, even that takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Copyright registration timing became more essential with the latest update.

in order to be able to file a lawsuit for copyright infringement if the need ever arises, you need to have your copyright registered beforehand so that you can actually file for injunction immediately.

Copyright law for entrepreneurs is important protection because it makes sure that other people do not steal your protected material and make pass it as their own. Many things can be copyrighted such as your literary and artistic work, blog posts, pictures, images, architecture, etc. Read my post on the latest copyright law news and updates and download my free Copyright law guide which will tell you the steps to take if someone is infringing on your copyright.

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