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Did you read my Homepage yet? No, then do me a quick favor, go read it here. If you just don’t feel like clicking on the link, I’ll explain what I talked about on my Homepage. The title of my blog is Freelance and Marketing, and you would think that I have plenty of experience in both. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have exactly 0 experience in either freelancing or marketing. I am an attorney by profession. What do I know about marketing? Zilch. Due to some personal circumstances in life, I had to become a stay-at-home mom to my toddler. I love him so much, but I do miss working or doing something that does not involve babies and diapers. I need change. Better yet, I need a CHALLENGE.

What Challenge Did I Create for Myself?

Very good question. In my scarce spare time, I’ve been reading influential bloggers like Neil Patel, Derek Halpern, Darren Rowse, and many others. Their tactics intrigue me. When I listen to them talk or read their posts, I can almost believe that I can accomplish anything with the right approach. I am genuinely interested in marketing (content, B2B, B2C, inbound, outbound, digital, social media,etc.) and freelancing. So this is what I decided.

I am going to learn as much as I can about marketing, freelancing, blog traffic generation, building a blog mailing list, and eventually monetizing my site. Wait, wait. I need to make this goal more specific than that. I need a deadline to get this done by. So, here are the conditions of my challenge for myself:

  •  Build a blog-done
  • Chose a topic-done
  • Generate a lot of blog traffic
  • Start a blog mailing list and grow it to 2000 subscribers
  • Do all of the above in 6 months time! 

I have created a countdown clock on my site. The date that the clock stops will be on my birthday, February 26th. So this gives me 6 months to do all I have laid out in front of me.

What’s in it For You?

Let’s face it. We’re all so busy nowadays with everyday life and events, that it’s hard to find the energy to focus on something that is not absolutely essential. However, here is why following my blog and becoming a part of my community is important. You will learn from my mistakes and successes. Do you want to start your online business? Or maybe even a blog of your own? Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner who is also looking to grow their online presence. You want to generate traffic and build a blog mailing list. Why? Because it’s the way to really grow your business. This is how sales are done. This is how you create brand awareness and loyalty.

So you see, following my progress is a win-win situation. I have my readers, and you will have your “guinea pig” to learn from. In my blog, I will talk about specific steps I have taken towards realizing my goals. I will also talk about the mistakes I’ve or things that I could have done better. The way I am going to generate traffic and grow my blog mailing list is by my own efforts and with little or no paid advertisements. While I am going through this process, I will put together guides, step-by-step e-books related to the process and make it available to you.


We all want to succeed, we all want to find ways to better us in life, whether it’s our personal life, relationships or finances. In my case, I want to see if I can grow my blog to the point that I can start monetizing it and earning money from home. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other people who are looking to grow their online presence and create brand awareness and loyalty can benefit greatly from my journey because I will talk about and teach techniques that I have personally used on my blog. You will see the results-whether success or failure. Join me in realizing my dream and helping you reach yours.

Was the article helpful? Spread the love!

2 thoughts on “Blog Mailing List of 2000 Subscribers? Yes, Please”

  1. I’m excited for the challenge you put on yourself! I’m also trying to build my email list and am looking for someone to share the journey with me. It’s pretty difficult starting a blog from scratch and I like the idea of you using yourself as a guinea pig to test out different strategies. That will make you more relatable to bloggers who are still starting out. Looking forward to your new blog posts!

    1. Thank you Jay! I have a whole page coming soon dedicated to email list building. Check it out when it’s ready. I am so glad you like my blog challenge idea. There are days when I struggle, but perseverance is the key in this game. My goal is to be relatable to bloggers and small businesses/entrepreneurs, so I am very glad you think so.

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