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Gutenberg is WordPress’s future. It’s here to stay. Pretty soon you won’t be able to use the classic editor at all. Learn to love WordPress Gutenberg and use its many versatile features. 

what's this Course About

This 100% FREE course covers essential knowledge of WordPress Gutenberg. The course goes over various blocks and elements within Gutenberg that you can use and create beautiful looking blog posts, landing pages, etc.

If you learn how to use Gutenberg, you won’t ever look back to the classic editor.

There are many options and functions that are present in Gutenberg that were missing in the classic editor. If you’re not completely happy with the native Gutenberg options, no worries! I’ll show you how I extended my Gutenberg functionality and blocks for absolutely free.

The Learn to Love Gutenberg free course covers covers the most important areas of Gutenberg and how you can use it. Here are a few things that are covered:

  • General introduction to Gutenberg
  • Overall layout of Gutenberg and where you can find different elements/blocks
  • How you can extend the functionality of your Gutenberg by adding additional blocks
  • How to add headings in Gutenberg
  • How to add paragraphs and lists in Gutenberg
  • How to add a Call to Action (CTA)
  • How to add images and videos in Gutenberg
  • & Much more!

Why you should use Gutenberg

part of WordPress

 You can change your theme or outside page builder any time without worrying that you’ll lose your content and will need to recreate.

beautiful layouts

With Gutenberg blocks you can create beautiful layouts for your blog posts and other content. Add your design and style to your creations.  

Speed up your work

Use Gutenberg’s reusable blocks feature to save blocks that you use regularly, and cut your work time dramatically.

free course to improve your gutenberg game

Give Gutenberg  a chance and you won't ever go back to the classic editor. Gutenberg is here to stay-adopt early!

Free mini online course on WordPress Gutenberg. Learn what you can do with Gutenberg, create beautiful blog post layouts, and save time by keeping the blocks you use regularly. A step-by-step video tutorials. Create your content in Gutenberg to be headache free.

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