HIRING AN independent contractor (Virtual assistant) agreement

100% customizable & Editable Legal Template

With this contract you can confidently hire and work with an independent contractor or a virtual assistant. Don’t leave your business unprotected.

why do you need this contract?

This contract is a great resource and protection for you when you want to work with independent contractor or virtual assistants. It’s an in-depth contract that covers many topics including payments, timing, Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA, trade secrets, non-compete and much more. 

Having this contract means you and your business are safe. This means you can pursue relief if necessary because you have a contract which holds the independent contractor or virtual assistant liable for that breach of contract. 

Furthermore, under this contract, the other party is forbidden from disclosing to other people or business what you do, what secrets and methods you have. 

About Mariam

Welcome! I am Mariam, and I am super happy to welcome you here. I am a licensed and practicing attorney in the United States. When I started my blog, it was as a hobby. However, it soon turned into a real career. 

My website’s purpose and content is meant to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and bloggers to become legally compliant and thrive the right way. 

My legal templates and contracts provide protection to others without them having to pay excessive amounts for retaining an attorney. 

what do you get with this purchase?

  • An awesome attorney prepared legal contract
  • Access to me to ask any questions you have about this contract
  • Free 15 minute video session with me to review the contract
  • Ability to use this contract over and over again
  • Peace of mind that your business and you are protected
  • Free 15 minute video session with me to review the contract

what are you waiting for?

Get this contract and protect your business when hiring and working with independent contractors and virtual assistants. If you’re a business, you’re bound to work with other people, hire someone to take care of your social media, email marketing, or content writing. 

Don’t start working without a contract. This is necessary to protect yourself and your hard-earned money. 


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