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Welcome to the Resources page of Freelance & Marketing. I put together a list of resources and tools that I think are essential for running a successful blog and/or having a writing career. I am using, or have used all the products that I am recommending. As I state throughout my blog, I will not ever recommend any product, resource or tool that I don’t think is good and helpful. 

As a blogger and writer, my success depends on the relationships I build with my readers. Therefore, I will not recommend a bad product to break that trust. I will keep this page updated if I start using a new tool, or discontinue using one. 

Before I start listing these amazing resources for you, I need to make an important disclosure. 

Full Disclosure: Some of the products and links that I list below are affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase anything through my links, then I will get a small commission. The commission that I receive will not cost you anything. I only recommend products that I truly love and believe they will help you with your business. You’re not obligated to buy anything through me. However, I appreciate the gesture if you do, as the money goes into running this website. 

website hosting

Bluehost is a hosting company. It provides hosting for your website. This is essentially where your website lives. I have 3 different websites, and all are hosted with Bluehost. I have not had any problems with this hosting company. 

Moreover, Bluehost is the number #1 recommended hosting service for WordPress, which is the platform where mine and most other people’s websites are located. They have a 1-click automatic WordPress installation, which makes the process of getting and setting up a website very easy, especially for beginners. 

Get your Bluehost account today.

website platform

WordPress.org is an open source platform. This means that it’s a free service, and that many people and developers contribute to it. 

WordPress.org is self-hosted, and should not be confused with WordPress.com. If you want to have a website/blog, and you want to monetize it, and customize it the way you want, then your go to platform should be WordPress.org. 

Website/blog themes/page builders

StudioPress Theme of the Month

StudioPress is a theme market that has numerous beautiful and optimized themes for you. The themes are built on their main, Genesis theme framework. 

StudioPress themes look professional, they  are well-coded. The theme store contains many beautifully designed themes that will make any website/blog you have into a eye-catching site. 

Learn about StudioPress.

Astra theme is a free WordPress theme that is extremely popular and has numerous customization options. Astra also has the Astra Pro plug in, which is a paid product. Astra was created specifically to work well with page/theme builders. My own site is built on Astra Pro theme along with Elementor Pro Theme Builder. 

What makes this theme a great choice is its unlimited ability to be customized. You can create any website with Astra theme. 

Learn about Astra

Elementor page builder, which is a theme builder in reality, is one of the most popular builders out there today. Elementor is a free builder that you can download and use immediately. 

However, they do have the Elementor Pro version, which is a paid plug in. I am using Elementor Pro on this site, and could not be happier with it. 

For people who don’t know coding and are not techies, Elementor page builder works miracles. It allows you to create the exact web site you want. 

Learn about Elementor

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi theme is a very popular theme on WordPress. It has many abilities for customization. What’s more important is that it comes with the famous Divi page builder, which allows you to create any look for your website that you want, similar to Elementor. 

Divi is owned by Elegant Themes. They have many other useful plug ins that you can check out. 

Learn about Divi

lead capture/email optin

Build Your Mailing List Faster

Thrive Leads is a lead capture plug in, also known as an email optin plugin. It is created by Thrive Themes. Thrive Leads is considered one of the best and most versatile lead captures out there. It integrates with almost any WordPress site, makes lead capturing easy. 

Thrive leads is very powerful, and it makes lead capture process effortless.

To learn more about Thrive Leads click here

Bloom Email Optin Plugin

Bloom email optin plug in is a plug in developed by the same people who made Divi. This is an Elegant Themes plug in. Bloom is very popular, and considered one of the best email optin plug ins for WordPress. 

It has different features and optin options. the templates look beautiful, and you can customize them to your liking, or you can always start from scratch and make your options the way you want. Integrates with most email marketing softwares/programs. 

Learn about Bloom

Convert Pro is a lead capture tool that is simply amazing. The possibilities with this software are endless. You can literally change anything you want on the templates, and design them however you want. 

This is the only tool that has this level of customization. Whatever you ever imagined your lead capture to look like, you can do it in Convert Pro. 

Learn about Convert Pro.


Sumo lead capture plug in is part of the well known and large Sumo family that has many different amazing features. This Sumo lead capture has both free and paid versions. On the free version, you only have access to a basic form type, which you can customize with your desired colors, fonts and font sizes, as well as the actual size on the form itself. You has your selection of the type of form, whether it’s popup, inline, slide in, etc. 

Sumo plug in also has email and social sharing capabilities, which you can all use for free. If you want to get access to more features, as well as advanced features, you can upgrade at any time. 

Learn about Sumo

email service providers


ConvertKit is an email service provider that has been created specifically for bloggers. The interface is simple and clean to use. Sending your freebies and other lead magnets with ConvertKit takes literally a few seconds. 

ConvertKit has tagging abilities, and you can segment your subscribers based on their tags and interests. All in all, ConvertKit is an excellent email service platform. 

Learn about ConvertKit


landing pages/sales pages

Landing Pages for WordPress

Thrive Architect is a landing page builder, that also doubles up as a regular page builder you can use for your entire site. The landing page templates area beautiful and optimized for conversion. 

You can pay for 1 license and own it, without any monthly payments, or you can do payments to get access to the entire Thrive Themes market, which is super impressive. The Thrive Leads optin is part of this family. 

Learn about Thrive Architect


social sharing

Warfare Plugins

Social Warfare is a WordPress plug-in that you can use on your site to share your content on social media. They have a free plug-in, and the pro plug-in. The pro version is paid, but it’s very minimal amount. However, with pro, you get access to many amazing and advanced features that will make sharing your content super efficient and fun. I personally use Social Warfare pro, and highly recommend it. 

Get Social Warfare Pro.


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