Freelancer Legal Contract


This contract is for freelance writers, virtual assistants or anyone who provides freelance services. The contract is highly customizable with prompts and directions for your business. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

BONUS! I’ve included a Letter of Agreement with this Contract, so essentially you’re getting 2 contracts for the price of one.

Freelancers provide services for other people. The service can be writing, graphic design, social media management, web design and much more. Freelancing is a legitimate business model. However, many people take advantage of freelancers by not giving them the respect or attention they deserve.

So many times I heard stories from fellow freelancers who’ve completed the work but weren’t paid, or the client kept adding more work to their plate without compensating them for the extra work. So what can you do as a freelancer?

For starters, you can have a legally binding contract where both sides clearly write down their expectations & obligations. For some reason when a legal contract is involved, everything goes much smoother. This legal contract is there to protect your rights and sanity.

As a BONUS offer, I included a separate Letter of Agreement for you with this when you purchase this. It means you get 2 contracts: Freelancer Legal Contract and a Letter of Agreement.

A Letter of Agreement is a not so official version of the Legal Contract. It’s short and simple, and it’s written more like a letter, hence the name. Something like this is perfect for those clients who get spooked at the thought of an official legal contract. With this purchase, you get access to both!


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