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Are you tired of chasing your tail and searching continuously for a way to capture leads? I’ve been there before, trust me. After years of this cat and mouse game, I’ve finally figured out that the simple answer was literally in front of me the entire time. While I’d heard many people talk about ConvertBox (affiliate) and how it had been a game-changer for their business, I always just assumed that a tool like that was out of my price range and skill level.

And now that I’ve taken the time to invest in myself and my business, I’m literally kicking myself that I didn’t do it sooner. Not only is ConvertBox super simple to use, but it’s far from the financial stress that I thought it was going to bring.

In fact, I’ve actually earned way more money because of the ease of this simple addition to my site and business than I ever thought possible. Are you ready to learn how growing your business can stop becoming a dream and become a reality that you can easily do?  

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to products and services. This means that if you click on my link to make a purchase, then I will get a small commission at no extra expense to you. Read my Disclaimer for full disclosures.

The Time Is Now to Upgrade Your Site

I know the feeling of being in limbo when it comes to your business. It’s a feeling that I’m all too familiar with. And if you feel as if you’re confused about what direction to take your business, keep in mind that you need to have your goals in place to get started.

One of the biggest mistakes that I made, in the beginning, was that I didn’t want to spend money to make money. (and isn’t that against any rule of business that we learn?!) But the truth of the matter is – If you invest money in the right things, you’ll earn money in no time at all. 

Sure, it’s great to be able to spend less and earn more. Spending less part is possible if you do everything yourself. However, the drawback is that you’re wasting precious time on doing things that are not necessarily making you any money, and have little time to actually concentrate on the money making side of your business.

Something James Wedmore said recently stayed with me. He said that if you treat your business like it’s your baby, it will act like a baby too, and eat up all your time. Treat your business like it’s a machine, and it will act like one. To me this made so much sense because I’ve been treating my business like a baby, trying to do everything by myself, trying not to invest in tools and outsourcing.

However, there comes a time when you realize that the right tools will take you a lot further a lot faster than going without. This is what ConvertBox means to me (affiliate). It helps to automate a lot of my lead generation tasks, segments my list, subscribes them to the appropriate sequences and tags, personalizes the offers based on my audience.

The first thing that people notice when they come to your site and your online business is going to be the usability and ease of maneuvering. Before you do anything, you need to make certain that you have a site that is simple and easy to navigate.

The last thing that you need is to have potential customers bailing left and right because your process is just too complicated for them to understand. People aren’t coming to your site to be wowed by your coding abilities or flair…they’re there because they’re interested in a product or a service that you’re offering. 

They are there because they are ready and willing to trust you and your expertise in something that they’re willing to pay for. Why in the world would you make them work harder than they have to just so they can try to give you their money? 

It’s time to engage, capture, and convert every single visitor that comes to your site. All you have is a few seconds to catch their attention and interest so you have to make every second count. 

an image of calculator, pen and notebook

I’ve hinted a little bit about my journey in the online business world earlier in the post but I want you to know a little more about the depth of it now. I’m not new to the online world but I feel that I’m constantly learning. And honestly, without programs and options like ConvertBox (affiliate), I would probably still feel as though I’m treading water and not getting anywhere in my journey. 

Yes, I know that tools and software aren’t helpful if you don’t know how to use them properly. But what if you know or learn how to use them? Then you have many more opportunities before you now because you’ll have the proper tools to do your job.

In this post about ConvertBox, I’ll give you the pros, cons, and anything else that I think is important so that you can educate yourself and make the best decision for yourself. Because even though it’s one of my favorite things in the world, that doesn’t change the fact that you need to do your own research and make certain that it’s going to work for you as you need it to also.  

What is Convertbox

Since I’ve mentioned it about six times already, it’s time to dive in and talk about what ConvertBox is. Depending on who you ask, they’ll tell you different thoughts about what ConvertBox is. But to me, it’s an online platform that can help you create opt-ins and funnels to connect with your customers and deliver what they need. 

Not only that, but if you’re a numbers person, ConvertBox lets you literally track everything so you can see what is, and what isn’t, working. While this can burst your bubble if something that you thought would succeed isn’t, it’s also such a huge time saver so you can fix any mistakes and move on to something new. 

I’ve included ConvertBox in another of my posts as one of my top favorites. Check it out here.

ConvertBox literally takes away the guessing when it comes to converting for your business and gives you the foundation to grow and capture more leads and sales. 

Features of ConvertBox 

  • Easy platform to use
  • A/B Split testing
  • Segmentation funnels
  • Surveys
  • Shopping cart tools
  • Smart Automations 
  • Deadline countdown timers 
  • Mobile editing availability
  • Personalized messages 
  • Social engagement

And seriously, those are just a few. I could keep going and going about all the amazing features that come with your enrollment to ConvertBox. Even as I’m typing this, I can’t believe everything that you get for the price. It’s so much cheaper than other options out there that are offering way fewer features! 

How do you use ConvertBox?

This question is definitely multi-part. ConvertBox can vary by user, which is what makes it pretty awesome. (Have you noticed how much I truly love using ConvertBox?) 

In addition to total ease of use and the ability to log in and edit things easily on your mobile, the following are a few other examples of various ways that you can use ConvertBox.

  • A/B Testing

Did you know that all customers are different? Some like the color pink while others prefer blue. Some like the word “savings” while others prefer the word “discount”. ConvertBox not only knows that, but it helps you to create an A/B Testing for your audience to see which way resonates with them the best. 

Not only will that result in a higher conversion rate but it will help increase your sales time and time again. All of this will require less work on your part all while putting more money in your pocket. 

  • Customizable ConvertBoxes

I’m all about building a brand when it comes to a business. This is done by color schemes, images, wording, etc.  When you have ConvertBox on your site, you can literally create your own boxes and buttons that flow perfectly with the overall look of your site. 

This means that when thousands of eyes are scanning your site, they aren’t going to be turned away by some overly salesy, loud, brightly colored “BUY NOW” button when that is totally against the entire flow of your site. 

  • Act now or limited discount pop-ups

How many times have you been on a site and were interested in a product when suddenly there was a popup telling you to act now for an extra discount than originally offered? If you’ve seen this, it’s marketing genius. 

And if you’ve always wanted it, ConvertBox is where you’re going to find the easiest version to make it happen. They build it, implement it, and help you monitor it to see if it’s working or drawing in more sales. If your current limited-time discount isn’t working, you can tweak it to make it more enticing and give that a go as well. 

  • Segmentation and Surveys

You can use beautiful ConvertBoxes and make them match your brand to create surveys. Surveys are amazing for segmentation purposes, and the great thing about ConvertBox is that you’re not limited on the number of steps you can have.

You can create a survey ConvertBox and connect each response to a different outcome or offer. So let’s say you have 3 either free or paid offers that are different from one another and would work for different people based on their position in their business.

ConvertBox Lifetime deal

Hopefully, all the pros of ConvertBox have you convinced that this is an absolute must for the growth of your business. There’s a reason that over 5,000 websites trust and use ConvertBox to convert their traffic into leads and sales.

Can you imagine how much more money you’d make if ConvertBox was able to convert just 10% of your traffic into a sale? What about 20%? Or even 30%? Trust me, friends – these types of conversion rates can happen. 

If you’re ready to invest and make changes now, you’ll want to commit to their lifetime deal. For a simple one time payment of $395, you’ll get unlimited access for LIFE. (Plus they have a 100% money-back 30-day guarantee! Seriously, what do you have to lose?!) 

With a price that low, you get all of these great benefits for LIFE: 

  • Unlimited lifetime ConvertBoxes
  • One-time payment – no paying for anything else, ever! 
  • Ability to use on 10 sites
  • Free Platform Updates
  • Powerful Visitor Targeting
  • Great customer support

Don’t wait as I did. Take the first step and make a choice that is going to grow your business in a simple and painless process. 

What do you have to lose? From the first month that I invested in ConvertBox, I was earning way more money than I ever had! 

Get your limited time lifetime deal for ConvertBox here with just one-time payment (affiliate).

ConvertBox Works on Every Platform

screenshot of convertbox integrations showing all the email systems it works with

The other really cool thing is that ConvertBox will work on every single platform as long as it’s HTML. You also don’t need to have any major technical skills and there are no coding skills required. It’s as simple as purchasing and in less than 2 minutes, it will be up and active on your site. You can then dive in and tweak and customize it as you learn. 

Another added bonus is that it integrates with many email marketing systems, so it’s very convenient to use because most of the time you don’t have to rely on something like Zapier.

Since I’m giving an honest review of ConvertBox, there is one thing that I do wish that they would improve. I would love it if I would be able to create and save entire templates with my colors and branding so that I can just plug them in and use them later down the line. But in the big scheme of things, that’s just a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the list of amazing things that they already do.  

My Final Thoughts About ConvertBox 

I think my thoughts at this point are quite clear. I’ve tried a lot of different online platforms for converting to sales and ConvertBox stands out above the rest. 

I love the ease of use and the fact that every time I convert a sale, I just know without a doubt that my investment was worth it. I also love that I can easily check my stats, change out pages, and update my offers all within a few moments of time. 

ConvertBox is a leader in this industry for a reason, and I can’t wait for you to give them a try. I and the other 5,000 websites that are singing their praises wouldn’t steer you wrong. The time is now to invest. 

Are you ready to make The Move to ConvertBox?

I’m so excited that you’ve made it this far in the post because it shows that you’re either going to sign up or are on the fence still about doing so. For less than $1.10 per day, you have the ability to make 100 times that in a month, easily. Why sit around and wonder “what if?” when you can take charge right now? 

And please let me know if you move forward with the purchase. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and fan along the way to building a better and stronger business! The ConvertBox family is one that shares each other’s wins and successes because we know it’s just the first of many to come! 

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