a cookie policy template to ensure your website & blog are fully legally compliant

This template is prepared by a licensed and practicing attorney-so you can be sure that you’re in good hands.


A Cookie Policy  is a type of a legal policy that puts your visitors on notice about the type of cookies your website or blog collects. 

A cookie is a small data that is being retained. This can be location, IP address, visited websites, clicked links, and more. Your website visitor has a right to know what kind of data you are collecting. Moreover, they must have a choice to accept or reject your cookies. 

Simply telling them that your site uses cookies is not really compliant.

Moreover, you should list all the cookies in your Cookie Policy by dividing them into Necessary or Essential Cookies and Non-Essential Cookies. Most people use some kind cookie scanner to get the full list to put in the policy. 


Cookie is data

According to the GDPR policy, cookies are considered data, and as such, it’s hinted (although not clearly stated) that cookies should follow the same rules as other data in connection to data collection.

Gives your readers notice

Having a Cookie Policy is another method of giving your website visitors notice that you’re collecting data on them, and therefore, it instills trust in a way because you’re not doing it secretly.

Better safe than sorry

Cover yourself from liability by disclosing your actions and what your readers and website visitors can expect from you by being on your site and using it.