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About me

I am Mariam. I am a licensed attorney attorney in the United States, and I am an avid blogger. Having knowledge and expertise in my first career, and combining it with my passion for blogging, I realized that there was scarcity of information when it comes to legal matters. 

New regulations and laws come out on regular basis. Some of the have huge impacts on bloggers, online marketers, and people with online businesses in general. 

As a way to provide a service that many bloggers need, I created a Template Shop where I create and sell legal policies, different contracts and agreements that online entrepreneurs might need. But, after many people contacted and asked me to do a consultation with them, I realized that I should offer legal consultation for bloggers to make sure they’re on the right track and are compliant.

I am a natural option for consulting on your blog or website because not only am I an attorney, but I am also on the same path as you. 

I understand with perfect clarity what you need, how it needs to be done, and how to do it quickly, and most important, cost efficiently

Consultation booking fees

Once you pay for a consultation session, you will be redirected to another page. Here, you’ll have access to my Calendly calendar, where you can book your session with me. 

30 min. Consult

$ 45

45 min. consult

$ 65

60 min. consult

$ 85

here is what you get

Blog Legally Consultation
1-on-1 video consult

I will meet with you over video chat w/screen share and make sure all your questions are answered.

access to me via email

You can email me with questions comments at any time and I will happily help you.

access to facebook group

Invitation to join my closed Facebook group where you will have more access to me and more information.

complementary follow-up

One 15-minute complementary follow-up after our consultation if necessary to review changes, etc.

peace of mind

No more worry that you're not complying or that you're open to liability. Let me help you.

let me worry about the legal issues, you just keep on blogging!

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