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As bloggers and online entrepreneurs, learning how to do things the right way from the beginning is essential because at some point we all realize that time is our most valuable commodity. Therefore, blogging online courses are extremely important so that you can learn all you need and save time in the process.

Bloggers and entrepreneurs have so much to do on a daily basis to establish and succeed with their blogs, that spending time on figuring things out is just pointless.

Sometimes you just have to invest in your business to make it successful. I am a committed life-long learner, and for me learning how to do things is important. I rather learn from others’ mistakes, than make my own and learn from them.

In my journey as a blogger I honestly probably spent over $15K on online courses. Some cost as much as $2500, while others were super affordable at $47. What I came to realize is that high price doesn’t necessarily mean the course creator knows the subject, is an expert and can deliver the information in a way that most people will understand.

I am presenting you with some of my absolute favorite blogging online courses. This is not a complete list, but I love every single one of these courses and think that they are worth their weight in gold.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to products and services. This means that if you click on my link to make a purchase, then I will get a small commission at no extra expense to you. I only align myself with products and services that I use and love. You can read my full disclosure for more details.

First blogging online course: Six-Figure Blogger by Create and Go

One of my most favorite blogging online courses is Six-Figure Blogger (affiliate). It’s available for purchase anytime. There are no open/close cart days for this. 

I invested in this course recently, and absolutely loved every second of it. Lauren and Alex (they are the founders of Create and Go) are amazing teachers. I already had one course by them for Pinterest, so I knew that I loved and trusted their teaching style. 

Who is this course for? Someone who already has their website/blog done, who has some content at least, who is monetizing, but wants to scale and earn more (as the title suggests). 

This course is also for someone who wants to create and sell their own products such as ebooks, courses, etc.

One of my absolute favorite modules in this course was the one on email marketing and funnels. They’ve done a phenomenal job making it as simple and easy to understand as possible. 

Here are some topics that are covered extensively in the course:

  • Creating ebooks from scratch
  • Creating online courses from scratch
  • Creating high-converting sales pages
  • How to get people to your sales pages
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing funnels
  • Post-purchase funnels, and much more…

If you’re ready to scale, Six-Figure Blogger is one of the best resources (affiliate) for that. 

Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson

Stupid Simple SEO has definitely gained a great reputation among the blogging community for being one of the best and most thorough SEO courses. This reputation is well-deserved. 

I purchased this course more than a year ago, and I find myself referring back to it, reviewing certain lessons again and again. 

From my own experience, if I go back to a certain course more than once, it means it’s great and taught me something. No joke I have several courses that I paid money for and haven’t finished. 

This link will take you to Mike’s free email course (affiliate). Once you go through the free course, you’ll be given an opportunity to purchase the Stupid Simple SEO course when it opens. 

Why do I love this course?

Mike did not cut corners, and he did not withhold information. The course is extremely thorough, it will teach you keyword research techniques, how to write blog posts that rank high, how to include your links, find competitor information, provide you with tools and resources to succeed.

Stupid Simple SEO is one of those courses that nobody speaks badly about because there is no room for that.

Honestly, even Mike’s free course is great! 

Sign up for Mike’s free course here (affiliate). 

Love Your List 2.0 by Kate Doster

Email marketing is possibly my most favorite thing in entrepreneurship. I love establishing relationships with my readers, I love providing useful and helpful content, and yes, frankly, I love even selling to my audience. 

This is because I believe in my products, and I believe that my audience will benefit from it. 

Ever since I found Kate Doster, I found an even greater love for email and marketing. This woman is a hidden genius. I love her approach to email, to building relationships and providing value. 

Although this online course is about email marketing and any entrepreneur can use it, I included it here because email marketing is an integral part of blogging.

I have yet to find a course creator who shows up and provides personal help as much as Kate does. I mean I ask her to review an email for me, and she makes a 30-minute personal Loom video telling me what I can do better, what I need change, etc. 

Her signature course, Love Your List 2.0 (affiliate) is currently closed, but you can get on the waiting list. This course is an email marketing and copywriting masterpiece. With this one course not only will you learn how to craft better emails, how to hook your readers, how to increase your open rates and click rates, but also how to sell, how to craft your perfect welcome and nurture sequences that will continue to bring you sales.

I’ll say this though-if email marketing is important for you (and it should be!) and if you want to improve your email marketing, create a loyal fan base, and generate income, her course is going to be monumental for you. 

If you’d like to get a taste of her emails and genius, get her Email Marketing Fairy (affiliate), which is a template set of 50-emails word for word. This email template bundle includes an 11-part sales funnel, an authority building welcome email series, cart closing/last chance emails and much more.

Easy SEO Revamp by Debbie Gartner

Debbie Gartner is well known in the blogging community for her SEO expertise. She is present in various Facebook groups and always offer helpful and valuable advice to other bloggers.

Aside from her value-packed SEO ebooks (affiliate), Debbie created an online course called Easy SEO Revamp (affiliate).

Why do I love this course?

First, you won’t need any other paid tools or resources for this. Debbie teaches you how to use the power of Google Search Console-a completely free service-to improve your rankings and authority with Google.

This course is ideal for intermediate to advanced bloggers. If you’re completely new, then you won’t have data on your Google Search Console and it might not be helpful for you.

However, if you’ve been blogging for at least 6 months, then this online course will do wonders for you as you can rank better with it.

With this course, you will learn on-page optimization, off-page optimization, as well as how to use Google Search Console to choose keywords that would help you rank higher in Google, how to scope out competitors for ideas, and much more.

If you’re ready to approach your SEO seriously and grow it, then Debbie’s Easy SEO Revamp is a great addition (affiliate) to your SEO knowledge.

Product Perfection by Tracie Fobes

You probably already guessed that I am a huge fan of Tracie. I love her materials, I love the way she teaches and explains everything.

It’s no surprise that I think her Product Perfection course (affiliate) is amazing. The course is very thorough and detailed. It covers a variety of topics in the product creation and selling stages.

Who is this course for?

Product Perfection is for anyone who wants to come up with their own products, create them and start selling them to generate income.

An image of laptop, phone, microphone and flowers all acting as the featured image for my best blogging online courses post

This course is on my favorites list because it goes through all the necessary stages of product creation and selling. Here are some topics that are covered in depth in the course:

  • Tools and resources
  • Determining the perfect product to sell
  • Creating the product
  • Designing the product
  • Pricing the product
  • Selling the product (including various recommended platforms to sell it on)
  • Strategies to increase your sales and conversions

This course is the real deal for anyone looking to create printables and other digital products for sale to increase your revenue.

Check out Product Perfection online course by Tracie Fobes (affiliate).

Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell

I discussed two great resources in this article for SEO. SEO is super important because it brings organic traffic that you can count on. However, SEO is a long game, it’s not something that will work overnight.

Most bloggers do SEO, but they also do something else on the side – a magical thing called Pinterest.

Now, to be very honest, Pinterest doesn’t work for me the way it works for most other people. This is solely due to my niche. Certain niches will perform better on Pinterest than others. That’s just a fact.

In my search to improve my Pinterest abilities and understanding, I’ve taken several Pinterest courses. Some I loved, while others, I absolutely hated and cried myself to sleep for investing money in it.

One of my absolute favorite and ridiculously affordable blogging online courses for Pinterest is Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell (affiliate).

This online course discusses a lot of strategy for Pinterest aside from the regular lessons you’ll expect to get in a Pinterest course. This is especially great for those who don’t necessarily want to invest in scheduling tools such as Tailwind, although it will fully work with that as well.

If you want to dramatically improve your Pinterest and get results, check out one of my favorite blogging online courses-Pinterest Strategies (affiliate).

Blogging online course for graphic design-Pins Made Happy

Pins Made Happy (affiliate) is an online course created by Audrey and her husband Matt. This is a graphic online course, so technically not a blogging course. However, social media, and especially Pinterest play a huge role in a blogger’s success.

One of the focal points of Pinterest is that you need to create pins that stand out, that deliver your message, catch the viewer’s attention and get them to click to visit your site. With the abundance of pin templates everywhere such as Canva, PicMonkey, services that offer pin templates, everyone’s pins are starting to look like each other on Pinterest.

If you want to stand out, you need to start thinking about ways to do so. A strategic pin design is one of those ways to stand out.

Pins Made Happy (affiliate) is not just a regular graphic design course that teaches you how to add gradients, or shadows, etc. Of course, it does that too, but it does so much more! The reason why I absolutely love this course is that it actually offers strategy tips, explanations behind the designs, and comes with a great Facebook group where the creators of the crouse are engaged.

After taking this course I am much more comfortable in designing my pins and making sure that they are visible and click-worthy. I’ve taken three other design courses, but I never got what I wanted out of them.

They were good courses, and my intention is not to badmouth them. However, what I wanted to learn is how to approach the design process, the strategy and tips for the design, not, for example, how to do a drop shadow.

If you’re ready to truly uplevel your pin creation tactics and skills, then you’ll want to check out Pins Made Happy (affiliate).


Blogging online courses can be hit or miss. It’s not easy to determine what’s truly good and what’s just hyped up due to affiliate commissions. While I am an affiliate for the courses listed above, it’s not why I recommend them.

Trust me, unfortunately, I’ve taken courses that have very high commissions, but offer no value. I don’t promote those courses no matter how much commission I can get out of it. I am in this for the long haul, and that means your trust in me and my word is important to me.

With that said, the courses I recommended above are 100% incredible and packed with value. You’re welcome to get in touch with me if you have specific questions about any of the courses listed.

Do you have a favorite blogging online course? Leave your choice in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you Mariam for providing with a small list of courses that are absolutely beneficial for bloggers rather than an exhausting list that might have been confusing. Will definitely buy these courses at the right time.

    1. Hi Bhawna,

      Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed the post. It was a struggle to limit the number of courses, because there are more that I love, but I didn’t want to create confusion.

  2. Thanks for this post! It is really good to hear from other people who have actually taken the courses they are recommending and putting them to use! Mike’s SEO course is now for sure on my list of courses when it opens up again!

    1. Hi Tracey, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Mike’s course is amazing. I always feel like I underpaid for it because of the value I get. You won’t regret taking his course.