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Hey there, friend!

Every time someone visits this page, it makes me feel all giddy and warm inside. Well, since you’re here, let’s not waste time and let’s get to know each other better. 

I am Mariam, and I am the founder of Freelance & Marketing website. This website was born as a hobby and a way to spend my time. However, I soon realized that I could turn this into a legitimate business. 

I am a licensed and practicing attorney in the United States. I made a decision to close my law office and stay home to raise my son. That’s the reason that I started my website. I wanted a side project, a hobby to keep me entertained. But, I found a BUSINESS!

I decided to put my legal skills to use and help other bloggers and entrepreneurs to navigate the legal waters. Many times the legal requirements and compliance can be complicated and difficult to understand for bloggers. That’s what I do. I take away the legal overwhelm by clarifying and explaining legal concepts.

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As I mentioned above, my mission and purpose is to put my legal skills to use and help out fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs to beat the legal overwhelm. I simplify the legalese and explain the difficult to understand concepts to make legal compliance simple and doable. 

I love being a lawyer, and find great pleasure from my career. Now, I also love blogging. I can’t imagine anything more perfect than combining two of my passions together to create something useful and valuable. Blogging offers many great opportunities, and I’d love to see you succeed. 

Blogging gives the ability to stay home with my toddler, while practicing law remotely, and taking care of my online blog business. I am a work at home mom now, who loves what she does from home. 

I have several great resources that will help you in your journey to create your business legally, to be GDPR compliant, and any other legal issues/questions you have. Download my two free resources below. 

If you need specialized help, or have any questions about any legal topics, you can book your legal audit below.

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